Agilis Satcom

Agilis Satcom

Agilis Satcom is a leading manufacturer & supplier of VSAT Products & Solutions under ST Electronics. ST Electronics is headquartered in Singapore with more than 40 years of experience in providing electronics, communications, advanced electronics and Information Communications Technologies (ICT) solutions to governments and commercial enterprises worldwide.


Agilis Satcom provides customized end-to-end satellite communication solutions in over 60 countries. The world class strategic engineering team consists of over 100 engineers with global product development experience. With more than 20 years of experience, Agilis Satcom has serviced the satellite and telecommunications needs of companies around the globe. This allows us to deliver the backbone communications network built upon a variety of technologies with components from multiple suppliers to provide the right solution.

The team at Agilis Satcom is trained in all aspects of satellite communications and telecommunication systems bring a responsive philosophy to every project. Our team operates with the flexibility necessary to rapidly meet the unique requirements of every customer, every time. Our state of the art manufacturing site at Agilis Satcom is built upon fully-automated test and production facilities which allows us to deliver a network system quickly. Our solutions are supported by a customer-centric team with 24/7 global support.

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